General conditions of Sale




To the use of internet website





These GCS govern the acquisition, through computer or telephone mode, of the products presented on the web-site  (the "Products") (the "Site") operated by BikiBranzBikini Kr.Os SRLs, based in Via Luigi Bandini, 3/5, 00043, Ciampino (Rome), Registered at the court office of Rome, PI. 13309361007 ("").

These GCS form an integral and essential part of any Product and forward purchase contract of an Order (as defined in Part (A), Section 1.2), it involves the acceptance by the customer.

It should be noted, however, that partially different rules will apply depending on whether the Products to buy fall within one or other of the categories shown below:

(A) "Products", as specified in the relevant Site detail page, are offered for sale by it.

The purchase of products will be regulated only by these Requirements, exclusively from the provisions contained to parts (A) and (B) of these GTC, and will not apply the part (C).

(B) "products partner", as indicated in the detail page of the Site are offered for sale by trade partners of (the "Partners"),

The purchase of products partner will be regulated, not only by these Requirements, exclusively from the provisions contained to parts (A) and (C) of these GTC, and will not apply the part (B).

In order to have full knowledge of the GCS applicable, we invite you, therefore, to carefully check whether your order is for a product and / or product partner (even if you purchase more items).

It should be noted, finally, that the provisions of the GCS to reference the Consumer (as defined below) will apply only to borrowers who fall within its definition. Consumers will benefit, in particular, of all the protections provided in the event of the conclusion of distance contracts within the meaning of Title III, Section II, of Legislative Decree no. September 6, 2005, n. 206 ( "Consumer") code, as well as of all other protections provided without exception, in favor of consumers, the Consumer Code and the same as any other applicable law.

Customer Service is available for information, complaints and disputes:

online shop on site:
Available from Monday to Friday from 09 to 18
Whatsapp: 348 3995514 is available - via telephone - to offer customers (as defined below) any clarification or information - regardless of the type of product concerned - about the content of the GCS, the Contract (as defined in the next Section 1.2 of Part A) and to the relevant regulations, as well as in connection with any claim. If the customer decides not to make use of the telephone service, they remain in any case without prejudice to any rights and faculties recognized to the customer by law. As rescue and the GTC press and the ability to view the text of the Agreement, please refer to Section 2 of Part (A) of the present GTS.

The right of withdrawal in favor of consumers is governed by Section 2 of Part B and 3 of Part C of the present GTS.

Part (A) - General Part

1. Definitions

1.1 This Part (A) - General Part applies in respect of all orders for the purchase of products and forwarded to through the Site, regardless of whether it be products or products partner.

1.2. Within the GCS, the following definitions apply:

"Consumer" means any natural person who carries out an Order for purposes unrelated to their entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or profession;
"Professional" means any natural or legal person who makes an Order in the exercise of his business, commercial, craft or profession;
"Customer": depending on the case, a Consumer or Professional;
"Agreement" means any agreement between and a customer about the purchase by the latter of one or more products, concluded, depending on the medium used, in the manner prescribed in Part A, Section 3.3 and Section 3.4;
"Business Day" means any day of the week, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in accordance with Italian law;
"Order" means any proposal for the acquisition of one or more products, made by the customer against, alternately, depending on the medium used, in the manner prescribed in Part A Section 3.3 or Section 3.4
2. Download and consultation of the terms and conditions of the Agreement

2.1. The customer can keep a copy of the present GSC, as well as the documents making up the Agreement relating to the Products purchased on the Site, using the normal functionality of your browser (For example "File" -> "Save As").

2.2. In addition, the customer can store the data of his own Order, or by downloading the GCS, as provided for in article 2.1, and saving, with the support of your browser features, the data summarized in the last page before forwarding of each order, is awaiting the email order Confirmation that will send, following the forwarding of the order, to the email address specified by the customer. This e-mail confirmation will contain the data of the Order submitted by the Customer, in addition to the GCS, which may lead to print or save these documents, making use of the features of your email program
2.3. The information of each order will be saved from on their systems. In order to preserve the confidentiality of such information, the access to them, by the Client, will be allowed only after prior authentication in the restricted area of the site called "My Account" by entering appropriate credentials access by the Client as are attributed to the time of registration at the Site. In this reserved area, using your credentials, the customer can see the already concluded contracts, the orders pending and those just forwarded, and to update and save their contact details, any bank details and / or data relating to the subscription of the newsletter. The Customer is committed to treating on a confidential basis the credentials for access to the private area of the web-Site and not to make them available to third parties.
3. Conclusion of Contract


3.1. Any contract entered into for the purchase of products will be exclusively stipulated in Italian.


3.2. The presentation of products on the Site constitutes an invitation to the Site users to formulate, against, a direct offer. These calls have to offer not binding on and, in particular, are not offered to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code, it being in the full discretion of, every decision on acceptance of the proposals may be formulated.


3.3 Conclusion of the contract via internet

3.3.1 To purchase one or more products via the Internet, the customer must first register on the site, providing, in compliance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, all the data needed for allow it to execute the submitted Orders.

3.3.2 When you are finished recording, the customer can select one or more products that it may consider purchasing, placing them in a "shopping cart" virtual, which will always display the content before forwarding the Order.

3.3.3 By clicking on "Proceed to checkout" button, it will initiate the process of your Order. At the stage of formulation and the Order until its actual forwarding the Customer shall, however, the opportunity to review the data entered by clicking on "Back", so as to identify and correct any incorrect information.

3.3.4 By clicking on the "Finalize Order", at the end of the procedure initiated under the previous section 3.3.3, the Customer will make placing your Order against Every order placed in such manner must meant, in effect, as a contractual proposal by the customer. Forwarding the Order by the Customer will follow promptly confirmed by respect to the receipt of the Order itself, by sending an e-mail e-mail account supplied by the customer. By sending this e-mail, will, furthermore, inform the customer whether the order can be accepted or not (the Order-Confirmation).

3.3.5. has the right to accept or decline any orders received without, in case of rejection, the customer can lay claim or claims against in any way. The Order shall be deemed, in any case, accepted and consequently the agreement concluded at the time that the customer will receive on your e-mail address, Email Confirmation Order-containing confirmation of the Order.

3.5. Before forwarding the progress of any order, much in the manner set out in Section 3.3 that those laid down in Section 3.4, the Customer is invited to read with the utmost attention the GCS.
4. Price and shipping costs

The prices of products posted on the homepage or in the different sections of the Site are inclusive of VAT and do not include any taxes, duties and taxes applicable in the country of destination of the products, where this is different from Italy, which will be charged to the customer. reserves the right to modify at any time the prices of the products that are stated on the Site. Any changes to the prices of products will not, however, effective against customers who have already taken steps to relay an Order.

For some orders we offer an express delivery service. The availability of the service and the cost will be displayed during normal buying process. The order will be delivered within 3 working days. In the event that the delivery will take place within 3 days, we'll refund the entire cost of shipping.

5. Payment and Delivery

5.1. Except in cases in which choose to use the option "Cash on Delivery", the customer will pay the full price of the Products ordered, when forwarding the Order. It is understood that, in case of non-acceptance of the Order, will promptly refund to Customer any amounts already paid.

As part of the Order forwarding process, may be proposed by, at the discretion of the latter, different payment methods, such as, for example, payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and payment via secure system "Paypal" payment by prepaid card (example "Postepay") the Customer shall be obliged to indicate the mode of payment, including those proposed by, which intends to use.

In case of order made by phone, under Part (A) Section-3.4, payment must be paid upon delivery of the Products, in the case of payment on delivery, or upon confirmation of receipt of the Order when paying by credit card. Payment by credit card over the phone is only possible if the customer has already placed an order with the same credit card on the Site. The Customer must communicate during the call the security code CVV credit card.
5.2. Billing will be issued in electronic format only.

5.3. reserves the right to refuse or not to execute orders, that provide for the delivery of its products outside the Italian territory, namely in the municipalities of Livigno and Campione d'Italia. For deliveries, will use vectors selected from the same Where the  product is marked on the site as "available", will ship that article as soon as possible or, if paying by bank transfer, within 5 (five) working days after the confirmation of receipt of payment .

5.4. is not responsible for failure or delay in the event that: (a) despite having paid the regular and timely purchase of Products in the Order received, it has not supplied the terms and conditions agreed with the supplier; (B) is not able to make up for the lack of availability of these products, because of circumstances not under his control, and (c) has promptly informed the customer of such unavailability products. In any case, if the customer is a consumer and the unavailability of products, due to the circumstances referred to in points (a) and (b), does not permit the delivery of the product within 30 ( thirty) days after posting of the Order by the Consumer same, will refund the consumer any advance payments of the price within thirty (30) days from the day following that on which it was sent to the Order
5.5. will not be responsible for failure or delay in delivery due to force majeure, such as - but not limited to strikes, the Public Authority measures, rationing or shortage of energy or raw materials, transport difficulties, fire, flood, flooding and damage industrial machinery independent from will promptly inform the customer the occurrence and the loss of a force majeure event. If the cause of greater strength persists for a period longer than 30 (thirty) days, either party may withdraw from the contract. In the case of termination pursuant to this Section 5.5, the Client shall not be entitled to any compensation or damages of any kind, subject to the right to the refund of the amount already paid as consideration for the Product object Order , within 30 days of the Order itself.


5.6. In the event of a purchase made by a consumer, the risk of accidental perishing of Products remain with until their delivery to the consumer or to another entity indicated by the latter, regardless of whether the shipment of the same products is or is not ensured. In the event of a purchase made by a person other than a consumer, the risk of accidental perishing article passes to the customer with the delivery of the Product by the first carrier.